Become the chieftain of Your village!

Start with 1 worker and build your village!

LAST UPDATE 25-04-17:

Reworked the save script - now it works without problems


  • Using Your mouse click on buildings and other tiles to place workers
  • Number under the worker icon (1/1) shows current and maximum workers
  • Building with a worker is [ACTIVE] - this means that you gather resources from it
  • Buildings generate resources all the time, but put them in their own stockpiles. When You place workers - then You can gather from stockpile.
  • Workers consume food 0,1 per second.
  • Farms produce food - 0,35 per second. Workers gather food from farms at speed 1 per second
  • Forest start with almost full stockpile, but they produce at very low speed 0,05 per second. Once You cut them down, you should build a sawmill
  • Sawmill produce wood fast, the gather speed is 1,2 per second
  • House gives space for more workers (1 per house). Additionally houses produce a little amount of gold from taxes.
  • All gold producing building CONSUME FOOD for gathering
  • Market give a lot of gold but in exchange for FOOD! (Production 1 per second. Gather 1,5 per second)
  • If you run out of food you will start loosing workers (1 per second).

DISCLAIMER: Game looks much better when downloaded - the html5 version has some strange bugs - but were built from exactly same Unreal Engine project.

Coming soon

  • Move around the play area - to make more tiles available
  • Chapel - while active increases gather speed of [gold] workers by 0.1 - uses 0.5 [food] per second.
  • Mill - while active increases gather speed of [food] workers by 0.2 - uses 0.2 [gold] per second.
  • Blacksmith - while active increases gather speed of [wood] workers by 0.3 - uses 0.3 [food] per second.
  • Tavern -
  • Barn - better storage gives passive bonus of 10% more storage on each tile, no active function

Royalte Free Sounds by Contribution: and and 8 bit village from Youtube

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Tags1bit, 1bitclickerjam, City Builder, Clicker, Economy, Game Boy, Idle, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download 72 MB
Download 72 MB